Ranpak commercial machines

r3pack is a New Zealand distributor for paper packaging global leader Ranpak.
Ranpak paper-based packaging systems offer fast, efficient, and eco-friendly solutions. Tailored to your needs, these machines will ensure that your packing operation works smoothly and your products arrive safely at their destination.  

Products include cushioning wrap and void fill for medium to high volume usage.

Machines are provided on a very affordable lease basis (Ranpak/r3pack retain ownership of the machines), and paper supplies are provided by pallet in most cases for cost efficiency.

Void Fill (Box Fill)

Often products need a level of void fill surrounding them in the box to stop them from moving and thus protecting them during transit.
FillPak is a paper alternative for businesses using air bags, foam chips and other materials used to fill the gap in a box.
Ideal for industries such as Homeware, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Books, Vitamins, Lighting, Small Spare Parts, Electronics, Medical, Stationery, Dental, Food, Hardware etc.


FillPak TT
for 5-20 boxes /day


FillPak TTC Cutter + EDS
for 20+ boxes /day


 Wrapping (Product Protection and Presentation)

Ranpak's wrapping solution is called Geami [pronounced: gee-army]. Geami is beautiful product wrapping, and provides protection against surface abrasion and minor handling incidents.  It also prevents damages caused by internal impact when multiple items are packed together. 
Geami is an alternative solution for customers using bubble wrap, bubble bags, tissue paper, and kraft paper.
Ideal for industries such as Homewares, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals and any business undertaking e-Commerce.


Geami Mini Ex
for 1-1000m of wrap /month


Geami M
for 800-2500m of wrap /month


Geami HV
for 2500m+ of wrap /month