How to End of Life your r3pack bags

Compostable Courier Bags

Our compostable bags can be used again in many different ways. Reusing them is a great way to reduce waste.

  • Turn them inside out and they can be used as a courier bag once more
  • Weed matting
  • Seedling bags
  • Food waste bag 

Once its a bit worse for wear you can then either compost them at home or through a commercial composter. 

Click here for Tui Garden's Composting tips at home.

Click here for wasteMINZ site for commercial composters taking compostable packaging


Recycled Courier Bags

Our recycled courier bags can also be reused in many ways after you receive them. Share with us some of your creative ideas and we will list them here.

  • Reused courier bag.  They are tough and can be reused many times over and over. 
  • Wet bags from swimming and sports etc.
  • Doggy bags 

These are made from non-virgin plastic and can be recycled again in a soft plastics recycling scheme where one exists. 

Click here for a list of NZ stores that accept soft plastics.

Click here for a list of Australian soft plastic recycling bins.