How to Courier: using r3pack bags

If you already have courier accounts, print your own labels, or use pre-paid labels, then you are good to go. Just start using our bags as you do any other bag.

If you are just starting an online business and need to send orders but want to know what to do - then please read on.

  1-15 packages a week 15+ packages a week

How to send packages

If you are sending less than 15 packages a week, we think the easiest way is to use the 'Book a Courier' service from Trademe (You do not need to sell via Trademe, but just have an account). This gives you good rates and function, and you can choose between CourierPost and Fastways for most deliveries.

Trademe bag sizes to match r3pack bags:
Very Small Bag 25cm x 13cm = DLE
Small Bag 28cm x 18cm = A5
Medium Bag 33cm x 25cm = A4
Large Bag 45cm x 36cm = A3

There are many courier companies that operate within NZ. Courier Post (NZ Post), NZ Couriers, Aramex, Post Haste and many more. You can contact them directly and check out their pricing as they can be vastly different depending on what you are sending, where you are based, and your volume.  Some companies will charge greater of actual weight whilst others charge via volumetric weight only. 

Choose one that works best for you and your location. Discuss pickup times - ie some couriers might only cover a residential area once in the morning. 

There are also 'freight aggregators' that combine services from one or more companies.

r3pack has launched its own aggregation service, you can find out more here or contact us to discuss.

Printing labels and/
addressing shipment

 With 'Book a Courier' trademe service, you can either write on the tracking number and the courier will print the full address label for you when your package gets back to the courier depot. Or, you can print your own courier label.

If you want to write on the tracking number, use a waterproof permanent marker - and on our black compostable bags we recommend using a 'paint' marker such as the Uni Paint Marker.

If you want to print the address and tracking number label then check our product: Courier Label Printer for an affordable solution.

The last step in the 'Book a Courier' service is to select "I'll write the tracking number" or "I'll print the label". 

With courier services - each is slightly different and you will want to talk to your rep about what will work best for you. We have great experience using NZC, eParcel, NZPost's eship and with any of these you can use our affordable USB printer to print your labels.

Suggest discussing with your courier company how you will get your customer information into their system - manually typing or by integration: Many online packages such as Shopify and Xero have plug-ins available to sync data with eParcel, eship (NZ Post/CourierPost) and NZC etc. This integration step can become very important if you are sending lots of packages a day - as they can also automatically send your customer despatch and tracking notifications.

If you want a friendly unbiased chat - then please just contact us.

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