Printers for courier labels

We've searched for a range of quality printers to help you print your courier labels from nearly any device.
Most businesses just need a simple USB printer to print from a PC, however if you need to print from a mobile device, or connect to a network for shared use, then we have a range to suit your situation.
Print labels from:
  • a single PC or a Mac: USB only.
  • print from many networked computers: get a network one, LAN for wired-network connection or Wifi if no LAN connection is available.
  • print from a handheld, an ipad/tablet, a phone etc: get a bluetooth one
These printers work for all carriers in New Zealand: NZ Post, NZ Couriers, PosteHaste, Aramex, Toll, Mainfreight/Owens/DailyFreight, Move Freight, DHL, FedEx and many many more.
Still can't decide? - give us a call and we will help.