About Us

 "Our customer obsession goes beyond a great service. We become emotionally invested in the success of your business" 


R3pack was established in 2017 through the desire to provide small, medium and large businesses with different choices when it comes to packaging supplies. 

We found that like us - businesses found the existing packaging companies in the marketplace rigid and stuck in their ways.  

In a world where there are new businesses starting everyday, there is no longer that personal touch behind the email or website. We bring forth a combined total (and growing) of 30 plus years of customer service and sales experience from different industries.   

Simplicity is key in our business.  In a marketplace where there is a variety of choice and commercial drive, our aim is to offer a seamless process so you can continue with your business and know we will provide you with the best products and service. 

We are proud to be a New Zealand company and operating in New Zealand and hope you enjoy what we have to offer.

Whether you are a corporate company with thousands of staff members or whether you are a solo-preneur, lets talk. We love your feedback and ideas so please do share any thoughts you have with us.

R3pack is a New Zealand distributor for Ranpak including the Geami Wrappak, Fillpak, and Padpak products. 

For Corporate references please contact us directly.