About our Recycled Courier Bags

What are your Recycled Courier Bags made from?
They are made from 100% recycled post consumer and post industrial plastic waste.  Even the removable adhesive backing and the inner bag is made from recycled plastic. 

Why use r3pack's recycled courier bags?
As our bags are made entirely from waste, it is reducing the amount of virgin plastic in production.  It is great to touch with a rustic feel and unique imperfections that so many recycled pieces have. 

Is it durable like new courier bags?
Our bags are made to a high thickness so you can "feel the difference".  Excused the overused saying! Because of its thickness, it can be used over and over. 

What happens when I'm done with the bag?
As it is made from plastic, they can be used again or for other uses, and are recyclable where soft plastics recycling exists. see our end-of-life page for more information here.