Ranpak FillPak SL

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FillPak SL simplifies your high volume packing

Ranpak’s FillPak SL technology prevents your product from shifting around in transit. FillPak paper packaging material is clean, efficient, reliable and flexible. FillPak SL paper is dispensed on-demand from a patented paper packaging system. No matter what size box you are filling or the product you are shipping, Ranpak has the paper packaging solution for you.

The FillPak SL paper packaging system helps to improve throughput and efficiency while minimizing impact on the environment. The FillPak SL allows the operator to fill packages with our paper material quickly and efficiently.

Whether you need a packing solution at the pack station itself or at the end of a conveyor line, FillPak SL offers the best of two worlds. Designed with height and head tilt adjustment the FillPak SL can be tailored to best suit any operator allowing a comfortable and productive packing environment.

The machines are leased and remain the property of r3pack/Ranpak.
Guide for machine is approximately 250+ boxes a day, and suits the end of a conveyor line or high volume pack benches.

For more information please email hi@r3pack.co.nz


FillPak SL from Ranpak Marketing Communication on Vimeo.