Ranpak Padpak Junior

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PadPak Junior for low volumes of with small and heavy packaging

PadPak protective packaging paper is a versatile cushioning packing material used to protect fragile products packed manually into shipping boxes. The patented cushioning pad is highly shock absorbent, for excellent protection in transit. Paper is converted by the PadPak system to form a protective pad directly around the product. An outstanding option for many applications: computer monitors, radiators, automotive parts, fine china, paintings, circuit boards, surgery kits and more.

PadPak® Junior converts multi-ply kraft paper into a cushioning pad on demand. It enables fast and efficient cushioning and blocking-and-bracing, for low-volume packaging needs. The converter forms the paper into a protective, shock-absorbing paper pad, using a patented folding and stitching process. PadPak® JR is easy to operate, and requires minimal operator training. Operators create new pads by raising a handle until the desired pad length is dispensed, then lowering the handle to cut.

Compared with other materials, PadPak eliminates up to 90% of the ‘g’ forces experienced when a box is dropped onto the floor. Products are safer, and the converter is easy to move around, requiring no special training to use.

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The machines are leased and remain the property of r3pack/Ranpak. 

Guide for machine is approximately minimum 1000 metres of cushioning wrap a month. 

An indicative pricing for the paper is $0.50 /m +gst, volume discounts do apply.

For more information please email hi@r3pack.co.nz