Soft Plastics - Recycling Bag

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Fill this bag with the soft plastics, return to us when full, and we will handle the correct recycling.

How to use this bag:

  • Purchase the bag as you normally check out on our website.
  • Fill it with soft plastics (other plastic courier bags, courier bag backing strips or other soft plastics) Please only fill with dry soft plastics.
  • Send it back to us. The return postage is not included, so send it back to us via courier or drop off (instructions on the bag) when full.

This bag is the same size as our LF courier bag (400x440). A great way to make sure you make use of the bag is to squish the soft plastics as tight as possible.  


Where does my Soft Plastics go?

After we receive your soft plastics, it goes through our Soft Plastic Recycling Programme and is upcycled by our friends at FuturePost to create long-life fence posts used by local farming, wine and horticulture industries.

Why is postage not included? 
When we first launched our recycling scheme, the feedback was everyone had different courier preferences.  By letting you send it back to us we made the bag bigger and cheaper.

Do you offer something larger than a bag?

Yes we do offer commercial rates for our friends that produce more than a bag fill often. Contact us