Ranpak Geami Manual (incl Bond & Delivery)

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Here is the Geami Manual (incl bond & delivery)

$400 bond
$50 bulk delivery

Simply purchase the rolls of refill separately. A general guideline for the amount of Geami you are using is approximately 1000m per month. If you are using less than this please contact us as there maybe a monthly lease charge.

As Ranpak holds the ownership and patents of the machines, these are only available for lease.  This is the bond plus delivery of the machines.  Once returned we will refund you the bond of $400 inc GST.

After you complete the payment for the bond we will email you a liability document. Please do read it sign and return it to us before we can dispatch your machine. 

Each brown roll is 420m and tissue 820m.  Our Geami Refill Pack is a great option as you should be using two brown rolls to one white tissue.  

Why do you need the tissue? The tissue paper acts as a barrier between the products you are wrapping as well as keep the volume of the expanded honeycomb.  Without it, the honeycomb wrap my sink into itself resulting in less protection. 

FAQs and Conditions:

Return postage charges will be the responsibility of the customer and not included in this package.  We strongly suggest keeping the original box as it will be easily shipped back this way. 

R3pack holds the right to refuse full bond refund if the machine has been neglected, misused or damaged by the user and may only offer a partial refund. 

Photo of the machine is for demo purposes.  Rolls are seperate. 

There is no minimum timeframe of machine usage. 

The machines are leased and remain the property of r3pack/Ranpak. 



For more information please email hi@r3pack.co.nz