Ranpak Climaliner Thermal Sheets

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RanPak®RecyCold™ Climaliner™ thermal box liners provide a unique insulation solution for protecting food packages and parcels in transit. Manufactured from recycled post-industrial virgin Kraft, these liners harness the insulating power of paper. Two outer layers with either a single or double geami honeycomb sheet in the centre provide cushioning and insulation for thermal control. Climaliner™ sheets come pre-cut and are flexible and lightweight making lining boxes quick and easy.

Suitable for *indirect food contact, Climaliner™ is the ideal insulator for ambient, chilled, and frozen produce, pair with ice packs for a cold chain solution that lasts up to 48 hours. For extra thermal control, these compact sheets can be layered providing further insulation with minimal impact on space within your box.

RecyCold™ Climaliner™ can also be used as a grocery paper bag insulated liner, for ambient and chilled groceries. These sheets can easily be formed into an ‘O’ shape to line the sides of your paper grocery bag, providing thermal control for same day grocery and meal deliveries. 

Fully recyclable, Climaliner™ is the perfect choice for businesses looking to make eco-responsible choices while providing a unique unboxing experience.


Recommendations for cold chain solutions:

  • use a double or even triple wall carton,
  • ice packs for temperature control,
  • paper void fill to minimise empty space in carton, and 
  • seal the carton with H-tape method to prevent air flow.