r3pack Water-Ice Bags 500grams

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r3pack water-ice bags are ideal for keeping your deliveries colder for longer.

Our water-ice bags are made from simple New Zealand water, and encased in a high quality, soft plastics recyclable film.

Water is the easiest for your end-customers to deal with, the can reuse many times and then simply tip on the grass, garden, pot plants, or just down the drain without worrying what is in gel or other substances.

Fully soft plastic recyclable, r3pack ice bags are the perfect choice for businesses looking to make eco-responsible choices without chemicals while delivering cool and cold chain products.

Product Details:

  • Contains: New Zealand tap water.
  • Bag: LDPE plastic (ideal for soft plastic recycling).
  • 14 x 14 x 5cm in size.
  • approx 505-520 grams in weight (we are ensuring minimum 500ml water with slight over filling hence the weight range).
  • Shipped at ambient temperature - these can be frozen individually, by the carton, or pallet.

Recommendations for cold chain solutions:

  • use a double or even triple wall carton,
  • line the carton with Ranpak Climaliner for insulation.
  • ice packs as necessary for temperature control,
  • paper void fill to minimise empty space in carton, and 
  • seal the carton with H-tape method to prevent air flow.


  • Carton of 40:
    • NZ$19.56 +gst +delivery, or pickup Albany-Auckland
      • (49c +gst ea)
  • Pallet of 32 cartons (1280 bags):
    • NZ$484.41 +gst +delivery, or pickup Albany-Auckland
      • (38c +gst ea)


Ice-bags are excluded from our website free-freight offer, however we will pass on just the cost to get these to you:

  • Freight cost per carton of 40:
    • Auckland region $4.00
    • Waikato & BoP region $6.50
    • Lower North Island region $11.00
    • South Island $25.00
  • Freight cost per pallet of 1280 (32 x cartons of 40)
    • Auckland region $65
    • Hamilton region $100
    • Wellington region $220
    • South Island $330-$550, please contact us and we will create a quote for you.