Pomona Ecopack15 Tape 24/36/48mm x50m

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Pomona Ecopack15 is a convenient and easy to use rolls

Available in standard 48mm x 50m, it can be easily used by hand, or fits in a standard tape gun.

Also available in 36mm x 50m, and 24mm x 50m. See dropdown above for alternative roll sizes.


Excellent adhesion on a wide range of cardboard.

Resistant to box shock.

Hand Tearable.

Excellent adhesion, even if stored in cold temperatures after sealing.

Identifies pilferage (as damaged cartons would be recognised if resealing were attempted).

Compared to our Nitto premium paper tape: this is thinner -slightly less tension & strength, slightly more opaque, however does perform well. Would suggest this tape is ideal for up to 15kg, and Nitto for 15kg+