Eco Paper Plain Labelopes A6+ 175x140mm (box of 500)

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Eco Paper Plain Labelopes 175x140mm (box of 500)

Ideal paper solution for labelopes to stick documents to cartons or bags.

Size: 175mm x 140mm.

Fits A6 easily, or A5 folded in half, or A4 folded in half twice.


These lopes are paper high adhesion plain labelopes that boast strong adhesion that remains secure across various temperatures and conditions. Specifically designed for packaging and shipping needs, each labelope is conveniently packed in a box containing 500 units. Ideal for ensuring your packages and goods stay labeled and organised throughout their journey.

  • Top layer: clear paper
  • Backing Layer: White Paper
  • Adhesive: Hot Melt Adhesive
  • Removable backing: Kraft (white) with full-face silicone coating.