Cold delivery

Carton + Climaliner + IcePacks = done

Cold delivery with r3pack

To make a positive environmental impact, we are proud to launch paper thermal carton liners that can be reused, recycled, or composted and are truly sustainable, and the most affordable ice-pack on the market.

Climaliners are manufactured in Auckland from sustainably sourced paper, cartonised/palletised and shipped to you. Climaliners are highly moisture resistant, flexible and foldable to suit most carton sizes, and can be made to length.

Climaliners paper layers are Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) sourced, the paper carries FSC® mix credit SGSHK-COC-510021. r3pack is FSC® Chain of Custody certified (our license code FSC-C175966), and we are the authorised distributor for Ranpak's paper systems.

Icepacks are manufactured in Auckland, using tap water and a high quality, soft plastics recyclable film that can handle re-freezing over and over again. We have chosen tap water instead of gel for near identical thermal properties while simplifying how your end customer deals with it at the end of its life.

We have chosen an LDPE 4 film as it is entirely recyclable with soft plastics once dry. Our aim is to provide a sustainable paper based ice-pack, however currently there is no paper solution that is also curb-side recyclable in NZ. Even the best paper-based solutions have a plastic coating preventing them being either paper recycled or soft plastic recycled, and we think that all packaging should be highly recyclable.



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