Lope on a Roll 126x153mm (roll of 333)

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Lope on a Roll for use with the dispenser.

Ideal no backing/waste solution to enclosing a packing slip or invoice onto a carton. And a whole lot tidier than those flimsy lopes with backing paper.

333 labels per roll.

Size: 126mm x 153mm.


  • No release/backing paper to discard
  • Fits 3M's 824 Pouch Tape Dispensers
  • High Tack
  • Adheres well to recycled cardboard


How to use:

  1.  fold your document and hold it on the next lope.
  2.  grip both together, pull and tear off at the guide marker
  3.  keep holding, and apply both the document and the lope to the carton in one go.


Is it plastic?
Yes it is, however like plastic tape on cartons, when cartons are recycled the plastic is removed as recyclers soak all the cardboard together in huge vats - and skim off the plastic that rises to the surface where all plastics can be recycled.

Why not do a compostable version?
As mentioned above, plastics are recyclable where a compostable lope would contaminate the plastics removed from all the cartons. As such, compostable materials are not recommended to be adhered to cardboard boxes.