BUBBLE Degradable Courier Bag with Fold Over Flap - A5 Sized

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A5 Sized Degradable BUBBLE Courier Bag with Fold Over Flap


Width : 190mm
Length : 280mm
Flap: 50mm
Thickness: 50 micron

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100 bags $125 - $1.25 a bag
500 bags $600 - $1.20 a bag 

Our A5 degradable bubble courier bags are designed without compromising in size and durability.  These have a fantastic feel and thickness to protect your package. 

We suggest reusing and then recycling as the primary method of disposal after use when and if possible. R3pack bags are degradable on land and in water and are aiming to reduce plastic should it end up in the open environment. Degradation depends on environmental conditions and requires oxygen to be present - the process can vary by years.

If disposed of in landfill our bags are unlikely to degrade due to the lack of oxygen. Should degradation occur in the landfill it may take a significantly longer timeframe.These bags are not suitable for composting. 

Our inner bag (packaging per 100), the self-adhesive, and its removable strip are not made of degradable material at this stage.