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This courier label printer pack is great for those starting out in a new business or looking to refresh or add another printer to their warehouse. 

The TSC DC2700 is an economical thermal printer that will work with the leading courier companies in NZ (we've tried, tested and use this printer ourselves). Trademe, Courier Post, NZ Couriers, Fastway, Toll, Post Haste and many more.

Included in this pack:

  • 1x TSC DC2700 Printer (USB Connection)
  • 1x roll of 102mm x 175mm Blank Courier Labels with 200 labels per roll
  • Please note this printer is the USB model and does not have wifi or bluetooth.

For additional labels please click here

As with most technology, the software that makes these printers work needs to be installed in your computer prior to use.  It does require some computer knowledge eg: what a driver is, what a folder is or in some instances how to copy and paste a link.  If you have limited computer knowledge it may be beneficial to have someone you know read over the install instructions below with you. 

For macOS/OSX install please follow the instructions in this PDF closely

For Windows, please follow the instructions in this PDF closely, and download the drivers from TSC website here

r3pack will support this printer. If you need further help/support, then please install teamviewer from (standard install, free/non commercial version), and email to schedule support session.
(We do not recommend calling TSC - they do not want to help as the printer was not purchased from them.)

If you are generating a PDF label and printing - then it will work easily. For those using integrated options from NZCouriers or similar and if you want to connect so it prints automatically - please refer to your account managers/support at the respective companies for assistance.

Commonly Asked questions:

What is the difference between this one and r3pack's $489 Ethernet printer?
Choose this printer if your computer and printer are next to each other on your packing bench as it is connected via USB.  The ethernet printer is for those who have many people using the same printer or your computer and printer are in different locations.

Please note: We recommend disposing of the thermal labels appropriately and not recommended for composting as all thermal technology (receipts, barcoding labels) uses BPA paper technology. 

Why is the cord loose? 

Please push the cord into the power adapter, really push.  You should hear/feel it click. If it is loose and can wriggle out then it is not properly connected.