100% Recycled Courier Bag A4 255x325mm (pack of 100)

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Our 100% Recycled Courier Bags do not contain any virgin plastic.  This even includes the plastic from the removable adhesive backing and the inner (the bag that holds the courier bags) packing bag, both are 100% recycled.  

The rustic feel and thickness of these amazing courier bags means that they can be reused multiple times before they need to be recycled with soft plastics. 


Width : 255mm
Length : 325mm
Flap: 50mm

Handy Hint: Our sizing is similar to (and compatible with) Courier Post A4 / NZ Post A4 / Trademe medium bag / NZ couriers A4 / Fastway Couriers A4 current courier bag sizing.  r3pack is not affiliated with any of the courier companies. 


  • Made from 100% recycled plastic
  • Fully Recyclable
  • Moisture / water resistant 
  • Satin grey colour
  • Rustic feel with beautifully fine speckled imperfections as you would see in recycled material

100% refers to the plastic content of the bag and includes the removable adhesive backing and inner packing bag.  The adhesive is new.  

See our bag size calculator to see what bag fits your box/item.